Our goal at succeed property is to source the perfect property for you and your circumstance.

Whether it’s for your primary residence or for investment, it is important to us that you feel that we are providing a pathway to a solution for your property goals. We look to build relationships and understanding through our expertise in property, allowing you to act and realise your goals sooner.

We are a buyers agency that helps you to succeed in turning your property dreams into reality

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About Us

As a buyer’s agency, our goal is to listen to your needs, and understand your buying requirements. When it comes to investment properties, it is important for us to have understand your investment property direction.

As a home buyer, by knowing your needs, wants and desired goal, we can then focus on the steps required to achieve this outcome for you and your family. Of particular interest at succeed property is the residential investment property space. Our aim is to help you establish a property investment portfolio that will grow consistently over time. With a borderless approach we buy all around Australia, hunting down the best deals for our clients.

Sevices we offer:

  • Full Service- We will locate, Evaluate, Negotiate and Manage the entire process
  • Property Investment purchase and Investment portfolio management
  • Auction Bidding Service
  • Property Negotiations

A Choice of Services

Our primary goal at succeed property is to specialise in areas that we can provide the absolute best level of service and support for our clients At succeed property we want to help:

  • Property investors achieve their investment property goals.
  • Home buyers to upsize, downsize or buy their next family home.
  • First home buyers to realise their dream of owning their own property.
  • Buyers who have tried and have missed out time after time, week after week in securing a property.
  • Time poor people who value their time, avoiding the drawn out process of going at it alone with limited experience.

We offer support to:

  • Property Investors
  • Home buyers
  • First home buyers

Some Frequently Asked Questions

A Buyers agent helps you take the guess work out of buying your home or investment property. We listen to your needs by creating a safe space for you to outline exactly what your home or investment property will look like. Buyers agents work for the Buyer, they are the ace up your sleeve when it comes to researching, acquiring, negotiation and purchasing your property.

Our relationships within the real estate industry will help to identify and painstakingly source the property that you will call home at the end of our service. We help to take out the stress and give your time back, making the process simple and hassle free.

Before you use our services, I want you to know that we are strongly independent. This means we charge the buyer a direct fee to acquire the property. This means we work for you to get the best outcome with no influence from any third party.

We work with buyers who do not understand the property market like we do. As a buyer’s agent, we aim to take the pain away from the whole process. We want to give you your time back and leave the process to us, you are outsourcing the process to an expert. Our experience allows us to target the right area, choose the correct asset type and analyse the market research to enable you to have the most current information when making a decision to purchase.

At Succeed property there are two fee categories when engaging our services.
Upon committing with Succeed property as your buyer’s agent, you will be charged an engagement fee, this is $2000 for properties under $750,000 and $4000 for properties above $750,000.

This engagement fee is then deducted from the total commission on a successful purchase and an unconditional contract is entered.

For properties below $750,000 we charge a set commission for the purchase of a property.

For properties above $750,000 we charge a percentage of the successful purchase of your property.

At Succeed property we are focused on providing sound, clear and measured advice on investment properties for our clients in order to select properties appropriate to their personal needs.

When purchasing an investment property, our aim is to guide the client in purchasing a property which has undergone rigorous research and satisfies a specific set of criteria. It is only then that a sound investment property purchase may be expected to remain strong over the holding period, providing both a good yield and rental return.

It is important to understand that investing in property is not a get rich quick proposition. Investing in property is a long-term hold strategy and must have clear goal and analysis-driven outcomes depending on your strategy.

Are you trying to get to opens and just missing out, or are finding that you are constantly giving up your time that could be better spent with family and friends. At succeed property we give you back your time so that you can choose how to spend that time as you wish. We simplify and reduce the time taken to purchase your home or investment property.

We understand how you feel, because at succeed property we have been there ourselves. We have purchased homes and investment properties and know how lonely the process can be. We are in your corner helping you to manoeuvre and come out victorious at the end. We can turn the dream of property investment or homeownership into a reality.

The main difference between a Buyers Agents and a Real Estate sellers agents is that a sellers agent works for the Vendor or seller of the property. It is in the real estate agents interest to get the best price for their client. They are not working with the buyers; the buyers should understand that the real estate agent gets paid a commission to sell the property for the vendor.

Buyers agents work with the buyer. The buyer has representation via the Buyers Agent, who is paid on the successful purchase of a property when the sale is unconditional and contracts are exchanged.

Our Process

Consultation with you directly, we outline a strategy on finding your investment or residential property.

We then strategically align your property purchase goals

Followed by detailed evaluation of the desired properties.

Review and Secure. This includes due diligence, building and pest reports.

Succeed, we negotiate and buy your property. This can be at auction or private sale.

Help. Our aim is to provide ongoing support and portfolio advice.

At Succeed Property we help you realise your property goals.

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