Property Investors

How we can help

Recent investment data indicates that 7.9% of Australians own one investment property. Of all the property investors less than 20% will go on to own 2 investment properties, and only 5.5% of investors owning 3 properties. Our aim at succeed property is to demystify the investment process by taking advice from experts, not around the BBQ with friends or hearing about the next “hotspot” on the T.V.

Our process will guide you from start to finish, so you feel empowered and confident that you have made the right choice with your purchase as you continue to build your property investment portfolio.

Following an initial consultation, we collaborate and help you with your investment strategy, succeed property will then:

  • Search for the appropriate property
  • Evaluate and research the desired property fitting the client’s brief
  • Review and Secure. This includes due diligence, building and pest reports.
  • Succeed, we negotiate and buy your property. This can be at auction or private sale.
  • Help. Our aim is to provide ongoing support and portfolio advice.

At Succeed Property we help you realise your property goals.

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