Property Investment & Portfolio Management

Property Investment

When it comes to investing in property, we collaborate with you to work out your goals and long-term property investment intentions are.

At Succeed Property, we are buyers agents that seek to provide you with advice on investment properties and to assist you in selecting properties appropriate for your strategy.

Property investments should be approached as a long term investment, and all long term investments require time. They are not a get rich quick scheme.

A wide geographic approach is paramount. Australia is not one market, there are many markets, and where one market is stagnant, another may be setting up for a boom. It is important to be exposed to all markets across the country. I do not want our clients to miss out on opportunities because they don’t have access to or don’t understand research into suburbs that are outside their backyard.

At Succeed Property we look to purchase property that has been subjected to rigorous research, satisfies a specific set of criteria, and will maintain growth over the hold period. If these set of rules are not adhered to then the property may not perform as required over time.

At succeed property, our advice can assist clients to understand more about diversifying within their property portfolio. We help to decipher the different aspects of investments, looking at:

  • Property demand
  • Major project infrastructure improvements
  • Suburb rental demand and desirability
  • Improved rental return
  • Capital growth prospects, and
  • Value add proposition for accelerated equity growth.

Our investment approach is not only to advise on which investments will provide a sound return, we will also provide advice on which investments to avoid. By purchasing the wrong investment, this will stop you from investing again in the future as the funding serviceability of the properties will be limited and stop you from adding to your portfolio.

We are a buyers agency that helps you to Succeed in turning your property dreams into reality

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